Spend a day viewing some of Florida's most unspoiled, breath-taking scenery.  Take a fascinating boat ride
through the flats of the lower Florida Key's back country.  Maybe we could pick up some bait fish along the way to
fish with later on.  The ride will take approximately twenty minutes but what a reward at the end of the ride!  The
Content Keys area offers spectacular fishing and snorkeling opportunities.  Catch and/or see Sheepshead,
Hogfish, Mackerel, Snapper, Grouper, Spotted Sea Trout and many other fish species.  You might even want to
fight a shark!  We can meander amongst the Mangroves or troll the reefs and coral heads of the Gulf of Mexico.  
We can enjoy a picnic meal, hanging out on the sandy shoreline for a break and checking out the scenery our wild
islands have to offer.  We supply a cooler, water, and a cookout meal.  Maybe you'll catch lobsters to throw on the
grill.  You encounter new wildlife on every adventure, that's what makes every trip excitingly different.  Finally, the
sunset awes you on the way back to port with a different portrait every time.

The cost for thi
s full day of adventure:

wo Adults = $550

$50 per additional person / under 12 years old are FREE
An Adventure Unparalleled
by Any Other Eco Tour
Combing through the sand beaches then relaxing during an Eco Tour
Experiencing massive surf while trolling along the Content Keys on an Eco Tour
Enjoying the sunset and catching Cero Mackerel during an Eco Tour
Lobster caught while on an Eco Tour of the Content Keys
Mangrove Snapper seen while snorkeling the mangroves of the Content Keys during an Eco Tour
Private, Back Country Eco Tours
Lush, new vegetation viewed on an Eco Tour of the Content Keys
What we typically catch on an Eco Tour, Cero Mackerel and snapper
Albotross viewed on an Eco Tour of the Content Keys
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