Lower Keys Adventure Charters
Specializing in Private and Custom: Eco Tours, Fishing Charters, Snorkel Trips & Spearfishing
Plus: Tarpon Trips, SCUBA, Lighthouse Viewing, Sunset & Star Gazing Excursions
The price of our PRIVATE ECO TOURS start at just $550 for two people.  $50 per additional person,
under 12 y/o are FREE
!  This may include a 7 - 8 hour day of fun in the back country, the Content Keys,
Hawks Channel and/or wherever the fishing is good.
 Our day will contain the following activities based
on your preferences: snorkeling a patch reef and/or Looe Key Reef, still fishing with chum,
trolling, grilling
your catch, beach combing, a picnic on the beach, exploring the mangroves, and catching the sunset as
we return to port.  Plus learn a bit of the local ecosystem with all its diversity of wildlife and fauna.  

A 4 hour INSHORE FISHING costs $375 for 2 adults.  $25 per additional angler. Children under 12 are
FREE!!!  We supply all the fishing gear, bait and chum needed to fish a few of the many reefs, coral
heads, and underwater structures we have access to.  Fishing will take place anywhere from the Atlantic
to the Gulf.  We could bring aboard many fish species including: grouper
s, snappers, jacks, sea trout,
,cero/spanish/king mackerels, grunts, and many others.
6 hour inshore fishing charters are $550.  8 hour inshore fishing charters are $650.

A four hour day of JUST SNORKELING for up to four people on Looe Key reef or other coral patch reef
locations costs only
$250!  Up to two more people can come for $25 per snorkeler.  We'll stop at several
locations to see as many different fish species as we can
.  Looe Key Reef has a spectacular spur and
groove reef formation and we recommend a stop there, whenever visibility is good and waves are small.

SPEARFISHING is also in the realm of possibilities.  Spear fishing might be all you want to do.  We know
where to go for your best chance at something worthy to put on the grill.
 Four hour spear fishing
excursions start at just
$250 for 2 adults.  3 adults = $350, 4 adults = $450  

Call Capt. Mike at: (305) 900-8240
Beyond the reef, OFFSHORE FISHING gives you the opportunity to catch some larger species at an
affordable price
.  You can enjoy searching for and reeling in the "big fish" for only $750 (up to eight
hours).  Four adults is the maximum capacity for this charter.
 Weather determines the trip feasibility and
warrants grounds for a full refund.
 This trip is not always possible due to the presence of rough waters
or inclement weather.

A TASTE OF BIG PINE - $300 per couple - up to four hours.
Snorkel a patch reef in the protected waters of Hawks Channel.
 You'll enjoy seeing lots of tropical fish,
coral and fans at the Newfound Harbor Preserve.
 This protected area is a shallow and more protected
reef, for snorkelers of all skill levels.
 After you had enough time exploring the waters, warm your bones
on a secluded, sandy island.   Little Picnic island is the perfect place to relax while Capt. Mike grills up a
snack for lunch or dinner. Hope you like island music because Capt. Mike moves to a tropical beat.  You
could swim some more or just lounge on the beach.
 Afternoon trips include a chance to see a great
 You get to know a little history of the keys plus plus you get a mini eco~tour!  "FlexPlan" can
handle up to
three couples per trip.  

An ULTIMATE 10 HOUR (+) DAY OF FISHING will take you just about everywhere we go.  "We'll chase
them down!"
 Fishing will mainly based on where the catch has been the best ~ from the Atlantic to the
Gulf and anywhere in between ~
$850 - up to four adults and two children <12.  We will start at the crack
of dawn and return around sunset.
 Stopping for a dip at the reef if you need to cool off!  Your fish will be
filleted so that you can take them home or have them prepared at a local restaurant.

If we catch our fill early or you just want to take a break from the action, we can ease our boat up to a
secluded sandy island or local hot spot.  All our trips let you relax and do what YOU want.